IRS Robotics is a reliable European supplier of USED and REFURBISHED ABB, FANUC and KUKA ROBOTS. We deliver world wide with warranty. The market can be divided in different kind of used robot suppliers. Like the good, the bad and the ugly. Beware of a bad or incomplete buy! If a price sounds too good to be true, be aware and wonder why. We make sure that we only deliver GOOD and TESTED used robots.

If a used (pre-owned, 2nd hand, experienced) robot enters the IRS Robotics workshop, we always do a first rough check immediately. We want to know the status of the robot a.s.a.p. so we know what has to be done refurbish it. An inventory will be done and we do a check by means of internal procedures and check-lists.

After that, the robot and controller will be cleaned and will be installed at our Test Bench. After going through and implementation of our internal checklists, the robot and controller will be refurbished. Robot, controller, TPU and all concerning parts will be serviced (e.g. new batteries, new filters, new –correct!- oils etc.) and calibrated. Of course we can provide your robot with customer connections or extra options like compressed air, I/O cabling, extra board.

After servicing and testing again, the robot and/or controller will be painted (sprayed) in your desired colour. Orange, grey, yellow, green, blue… any RAL color is possible. Standard we paint the original colour of the original robot.

Still an unexpected shortage? It happens rarely or never but our component warranty will be your extra satisfaction.

  • Used Robots

    High Quality

    Before we transport a used robot to you it is fully refurbished and tested at our test bench. You will get a component warranty.

  • Robot Spare Parts


    We deliver ABB, FANUC and YASKAWA MOTOMAN spareparts. We have a lot of used ABB and FANUC spare parts in stock and this means a MEGA-difference in price. We ship worldwide! We also deliver NEW parts, directly from the manufacturer.

  • Reliable and FAST

    Fast feedback!

    Our team is stand-by to help you. You will get a quick reply on your requests. Always within 24hrs but often MUCH faster. It is our goal and mission to help you as soon as possible!.